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If you go to any search engine and type "work from home" you'll find tons of information. Too much information, what's a waste of your time and what's legit? My goal here at Hipsterincome.com is to make the process simplier, and perhaps help you achieve your dream. Whether you need extra income to quit your job and be your own boss, to simply have money for that special evening out, or the funds to vacation more often-this site and the resources below are for you. 

Have a Car? Here's some ways to bring in extra cash : 

 1. Uber one of the most popular. Transport people or food. 

2. Postmates is a platform strictly designed for food delivery. 

3. DoorDash is another food delivery platform. They have a few restrictions.

4. Lyft is a ride sharing platform and it seems to be catching up with Uber in popularity. 

5. Carvertise allows you to get a monthly check in exchange for advertising on your vehicle.

6. GrubHub another food delivery platform with competitive pay plus you keep 100% of your tips.

7. Bite Squad allows you another chance to be your own boss delivering food on your schedule. 

8.  Roadie this app pays you for delivering items long distances. A word of advise this is only really good if you're en-route somewhere.( Don't travel anywhere you're not already going to!)

Do you have junk you haven't used in more than 6 months? Sell it!

Here are the top platforms for flipping  or selling items :

1. Ebay one of the widest used sites for selling and buying used items. Can also be great for sales using retail arbitrage .

2. Decluttr is a great resource in a pinch . They supply free shipping when sending items to be sold but the payout isn't as good as other sites like Amazon or Ebay. 

3. OfferUp not huge like the competition buts its gaining in popularity. I've heard friends tell me OfferUp has worked well for them.

4. Amazon of course is a giant with multiple ways to make money from home or anywhere in fact. But for this section we're focusing on selling your items. Check to see what the going rate is on Amazon with their trade-in program. 

5. Craigslist sometimes the most obvisous answers are over looked. But Craigslist still ranks high for getting rid of items, marketing garage sales, and even advertising events and services. There's a lot you can do to bring in money without spending a dime.

In addition to what you can sell online I always encourage my friends to first call or stop by their local pawn shops to see how much they can get there. Sometimes you can make substantially more and forgo having to worry about shipping and packaging. Its instant cash!

Methods For Receiving Payments

This may be most important! In fact before getting started with any major platform its best to assure you have a way to get paid for your hard work!

1. PayPal is essential for any sort of ecommerce you do. Not only is it one of the most secure methods it simplifies matters for you.

2. Square  you'll need this especially if planning on selling or doing business in person. Great for services, pop up restaurants, those who sell at farmer's markets etc. 

3. Cash App is quick and efficient for money transfers. 

4.Zelle Pay is similar to the cash app but a more simplified option.

Get Paid For Writing!

Here are a few methods that may work for you.

1. Fiverr is one of the largest freelance  marketplaces online. Here among other things you can make money writing blogposts, ghost writing, proof reading or editing for clients. 

2. Medium allows you to profit for writing  well thought out articles. Here you're pretty much creating content.

3. Amazon KDP this is the best platform for anyone who wants to create an ebook but doesn't know where to start or is limited on funds. KDP is free as well which makes it great when starting out. They even supply you with a cover creator to design your book. 

4. CreateSpace is another program that falls under the Amazon umbrella. It's a great resource to in that it's absolutely free to use as well. Your book is printed only when someone orders it which means you don't have to purchase a thousand copies to sell yourself.

5. TextBroker get paid for writing and creating content/blog post for clients across the web. The better your writing the better the pay!


Check Out The Reading List

Familiar with some of these resources perhaps it's just a matter of connecting the dots or the right motivation which holds you back. Browse the reading list, see if you find something new. 

Make Money Using Your Home

  1. Airbnb of course by now you've heard about the platform that lets you rent your house or property out. There are some restrictions so definitely do your research! However, with the right planning you can make a living just renting your property as a vacation home. (Or at least cover your mortgage)
  2. Rover pays you to care for others dogs. This could be a simple as walking them but the best money is in using your home as a kennel so to speak. When people leave out of town for business or vacation having someone trustworthy look after their pets is priceless!
  3. Just Park  rent out space for parking at your home or property, and earn extra cash!

Make money reffering your friends

Get paid to Play or Watch commercials!

  1. KO Trivia they pay through PayPal.
  2. Sweatcoin pays you to walk by tracking your steps!
  3. AppTrailers  watch trailers earn points, get paid.
  4. Surveys on the go complete surveys and earn!
  5. Ipoll Get paid for your opinion on products 
  6. Cash Show this is a very popular Trivia game which airs live from your phone
  7. Halftime Live if your good with sports trivia this is best for you!
  8. SwagIQ another trivia app that pays to play
  9. Joyride a trivia game you play with friends
  10. The Q more trivia that pays 

Get paid to Review Products or Websites

There multiple ways to go about this for example you could create your own gig on a site like Fiverr.com and offer your critical eye at a fee. But to simplify things I'm including sites that specialize in this. 

  1. Usertesting this site is one of the few legit "survey/review" sites out there. The pay is good too, you'll need a quiet space and microphone for this gig. Remember legitimate sites never charge you any fee to take surveys!!
  2. Hiving Accumulate points for completing surveys then cash out.
  3. Focus Groups in your area, search for them. Often times compensation is good and companies generally look for a diverse group of people to test products or draw opinions. Once again no legitimate focus group will ever charge you money to participate!

  • Then there's Mystery Shopping companies and believe me there's a lot of scams out there so be careful who you trust. You should never be charged money to join a mystery shopping company!!

  1. Best Mark
  2. IntelliShop 

Teach English or Tutor Online!

Here's a few resources to make money while teaching English, or tutoring students worldwide. There are many options!

  1. Italki here you get paid to help folks learn a language and you can set your own prices.
  2. Gengo be a freelance translator.
  3. School Solver help people with their homework and make money!

Lets Start Earning!

App Spotlight

Make $$$ Helping Others Find Jobs!

The Job Spotter App is powered by indeed.com they pay you in amazon gift cards. To sum it up there's two ways to make money : 1. You take pictures of help wanted signs whenever you see one or 2. you review the pictures others have taken to make sure they're accurate. This won't earn you enough to pay off a car but, it will get you that item that's been in your wish-list for ages.

Earn money doing handyman work!

Earn $$$ Doing Handyman Work

Takl is an app that links you up with clients who needs basic work done around the house. Perhaps raking the yard, minor fixes, and mounting televisions. 

Make $$$ Designing Clothing & Products

Zazzle allows you the opportunity to get paid commission for each item you design. From postcards to leggings! 

TeeSpring this platform also allows you the chance to earn money off your designs. This though is on a more limited time basis! 

Rageon  allows you to create more eclectic styled products with less restrictions. Prices tend to be slightly higher, but the quality is good! 

More to come soon!!

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